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Acquire is now part of SWRemote Suite

Acquire is a proposal building software that allows your team to effortlessly create custom proposals and close more deals. Compare different pricing options, and add in your own photos, descriptions, and prices. Plus, simplify the process for you and the customer by showing saving potentials, automatically email or print proposals, and more. Acquire works as the middleman between your customers and your team, helping you sell more business.

Create custom proposals and presentations

Integrated with SWRemote for Successware®21
Good, Better, Best presentations book more jobs and increase revenue. 

By giving the customer a choice, you sell more and become the trusted advisor to their home services needs.

Meet Acquire by Pointman, a mobile app and software that lets you to design, build and present custom proposals in a branded and professional good, better, best proposal format.With one touch, customer accepts and signs proposal and you are on your way to more business. 

Learn how our easy integration with SWRemote for Successware®21 is:
- Present comparision products and services for a Good, Better, Best choice
- Present professional, company branded proposals
- Customize proposals templates for easy, in-field presentations
- Manage proposals from your computer, smartphone, or tablet
- Integrate with SWRemote for Successware®21 or use as standalone proposal and presentation app

App features

Acquire provides world-class support, along with powerful in-app features to help create an interactive proposal experience for your customers and team.

Make The Proposal Yours
Add images, custom text, prices, and more, making it yours from start to finish. Easily swap out products, change formats, and customize to fit the customer's and company's needs. 

Compare Proposal Options
Create "Good, Better, Best" proposal options to give your customers more control. Show savings, discounts, and easily explain the benefits of each option in a clear, easy-to-understand way. 

Easy To Integrate
Acquire easily integrates with other Pointman products and SWRemote for Successware21, giving you full control over the proposal process from start to finish. Plus, Acquire also acts as a standalone app, allowing you total flexibility with how you use it.

Customer-Focused Proposal Presentation
If a customer isn't ready to sign off right away, Acquire makes it easy to print out or email proposal options directly to them in the same, clean, beautiful format seen in-app. Plus, once a decision is made, easily collect digital signatures for instant approval. 

Sell More, Do More
With seamless presentation capabilities, an easy-to-use interface, endless customizable features, templates, and integration potentials, Acquire will help your business sell more, do more, and be more.

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