12 Ways to Run a Better Residential Contracting Business


Jay Pawlowski
Lead Content Specialist
January 7, 2020
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In 2019, small businesses across all 50 states saw their revenue grow. That’s good news, especially for contractors: The construction sector, which includes residential HVAC, plumbing and electrical, led all small business revenue with a growth of 23.3%.

Growth comes from incorporating good business practices, marketing yourself effectively, using business data wisely and generally being as efficient as you can be. 

Here are 12 tips and tricks from our past year of blog posts to help you do just that.

1. Eliminate Doughnut Time

Try changing the window for the first job of the day, and setting expectations for behavior between jobs, to ensure your techs are managing their time properly.

2. Institute a “Debrief” for the End of Every Job

Make sure your team is collecting these seven pieces of info at every job, and also telling the back office — right away.

3. Make the Most Out of Job Interviews

Use our interview checklist to identify leadership traits in job candidates early on, and filter out the ones that may not be a long-term fit. 

4. Protect Yourself Through Accurate Timekeeping

What if a former tech files a lawsuit alleging you owe him overtime? Or what if you get hit with a labor audit? Be prepared.

5. Turn Your Existing Customers Into Repeat Customers

Learn why focusing on existing customers and encouraging their repeat business is paying off big-time for many home service business owners.

6. Be a Business Innovator, Not a Follower

As struggling retail giants show, business owners always need to be proactive, not reactive, to grow and prosper.

7. Get Your Team to Follow New Processes (Video)

Learn how to motivate your employees to understand why changes are taking place and — more importantly — to follow your new processes.

8. Pick the Right Commission Plan 

Implement a pay system that compensates employees appropriately, contributes to company profitability and treats homeowners fairly.

9. Implement Happy Checks and Follow-Up Calls

Doing a good job isn’t enough. There are steps your team should take after the work is done to ensure a homeowner is pleased. 

10. Improve Your Rapport With Your Techs (Video)

Learn the best ways to communicate with technicians of varying ages, and get the most out of your team.

11. Manage Your Online Reputation

One bad review can hurt your business, even when it’s not justified. Try these tips for maintaining a good reputation.

12. Start the New Year Off Right!

Close the books on last year, get your price book in order and set goals for each department in your company.

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