4 Ways to Strengthen Your Service And Make Your Team Superior


Dave Thiemecke
VP of Learning & Development
April 29, 2018
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Get to the Point

  1. Be On Time - Punctuality is one of the first impressions your customer has of you and your company. Make sure to respect their time by being on time.
  2. Be Prepared - Keeping a well-stocked truck, and loading what you need for the day’s installs will help you look professional to your customers, and save you time.
  3. Attitude - Attitude is contagious. Stay positive and engaged with what you’re doing, and your customer will notice. Don’t be afraid to go the extra mile for your customer.

Time to strengthen your service.

There was a trend on social media where people would post a collection of 10 things that require zero talent that can make you better. You may have seen these lists before; the message behind these lists is that anyone can make a tremendous difference in the success of their life and their profession. This has led me to reflect back to when I was a HVAC service technician. I believe for a service technician to be superior in their career they must follow four things from this list:

Be On Time

Companies that provide both superior service and customer service understand that their customer's time matters. Successful companies create strong rapport with their customers, and a very powerful way to create a strong bond is by being on time.  As a service technician, you should try to be on time for your customer and your boss.  Being on time shows that your work matters to you.  If you have trouble managing your schedule, I recommend having mobile technology that syncs with phone or tablet to make sure you are always on time. Trust me, it helped me when I was in the field.

Be Prepared

Before your service technicians steps on site how prepared are they?  I know the more I knew about the customer, the job, and that my truck was fully packed with my tools, the more confident I was. When I was prepared, my body language showed it and the customer could easily tell.  Being prepared will help the customer be more comfortable with you.  I had a daily checklist to make sure I had the right equipment and tools in my truck, as well as made sure my dispatcher provided me specific information, allowing me to be always prepared.  


A positive attitude is a great starting point for developing that like and trust factor with a customer. When I kept my attitude positive I had an easier time understanding the customer and fixing the issue. Dealing with difficult customers can test your patience, but remember the best way to deal with a customer's bad attitude is to listen and kill them with kindness. When you bring a positive attitude to the job site with you, the customer will reflect it.

Do Extra

It’s never crowded on the extra mile. When you go the extra mile for your customers and yourself you will receive a greater reward. Doing extra takes effort but it’s well worth it.  For example, taking the time to explain what you are fixing to the customer helps build trust and a long-lasting relationship and only takes a few extra minutes.  I could never understand techs who didn't take the time to put shoe covers on or take the time to clean their shoes.  I would always remind myself that I go the extra mile to keep my house clean, so I should do the same for my customers.

In your next service meeting, I highly recommend that you share the photo of 10 things that require zero talent with your service team, as well as take the time to emphasize about being on time, going the extra mile, having a positive attitude, and being prepared.  It will help make your service team superior.

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