5 Ways to Winterize Your Home Service Business


Tim McGuire
VP of Content and Community
November 19, 2019
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Last week’s deep chill across the United States reminds us all that winter is on its way — whether you’re ready or not. Here in Pointman’s home base of Buffalo, NY, we woke up last week to 10 inches of snow on the ground. And clearly, we are not alone when it comes to the early-November chill. (If you’re in Florida, please don’t rub it in.)

For home service business owners, the arrival of the cold and snow means it’s time to winterize the business. So don’t wait — here’s how to get prepared. (After reading, download this checklist to get started.)

Protect Your Assets

Be sure your trucks are ready for winter. You know the drill — test the brakes and the battery, check the tires, ensure the heating and defrost systems are good to go. A regular safety check never hurts, but it’s even more important when dicey weather is on the way. 

Protect Your Employees

There’s no getting around the fact that your technicians need to work outside all year long. What you can do for them, though, is to make sure they’re properly outfitted. That means protective outerwear like jackets, gloves and hats. It also means dressing smartly for the conditions. As The ACHR News wrote in 2017:

Service and installation technicians need to be properly dressed. That doesn’t just mean wearing long sleeves and a jacket. It does mean dressing in layers, avoiding cotton clothing, and wearing warm headgear. 

There are plenty of resources for those on the lookout for new gear; for example, HVAC Training 101 has a handy comparison chart of HVAC work boots.

3 Things You Need Most In An Employee

Hiring great people is key to running a great business. Before making your next hire, learn the three things you need most in an employee.

Be a Helper

One simple way to market your business is to position it as a community asset. To that end, if you are the owner of a plumbing business, consider sending a tip sheet to your client base with reminders on how to keep pipes from freezing, what to do if the pipes actually do freeze and how to turn off outside water. Simple stuff, but very helpful for homeowners. 

Local TV and radio stations often run stories with tips for homeowners this time of year. Why not reach out and offer yourself or a member of your team as a resource?

Focus on Your Club Members — and Selling Memberships

Do you offer club memberships? As we’ve discussed in past blog posts, these memberships are a solid way to increase annual revenue and build customer loyalty. Plumbing owners, especially, can take advantage of the season. Remind members — and let non-club members know — that club memberships mean front-of-line service when cold-related plumbing emergencies arise.

Create More Valuable Club Memberships

When setting up club membership plans, there are a few things you’ll want to consider in order to make them as effective as possible.

Build Your Emergency Plan

Winter means holidays, and holidays mean time off for your team. Do you have a plan in place for emergency jobs on holidays or after hours? Start working with your team now to build this plan. Planning in advance will make what can be a very stressful situation smoother and allow you to service your customers better.

What’s your plan for winterizing your business? Have you had success with club memberships? We’d love to know — drop us a line here.

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