7 Tips for Keeping Your Team Safe in Extreme Summer Heat


Lauren Ruppel
Account Executive
July 19, 2019
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It’s hot. REALLY hot. And as the owner of a home service business, you know exactly what that means: a lot of safety risks for your team. That’s right — another thing you have to worry about. 

With temperatures well into the 100s throughout the country, residential contractors are working longer hours to help their customers. Although this busy season can rank among the most profitable for companies, it is also a time in which safety is even more important. This is true no matter one’s age, but especially for older employees. 

High temperatures and humidity levels can bring about a number of heat-related injuries and illnesses. Before sending your team out into a potentially harmful situation, check out these tips designed to keep your employees safe — and your business on track. 

Have Plenty of Fluids Ready to Go

Your team has to stay hydrated while in the field. It’s not a bad idea to keep a fridge stocked with water and sports drinks, and to make grabbing some drinks part of their morning routine.

Remind Employees to Take Time to Cool Down

Encourage light, breathable clothing. Clothes that are black, waterproof and too heavy could turn out to be hazardous. 

Look Closely at Scheduling

If possible, try to schedule jobs before and after mid-day. Remember, the hottest time of day is noon to 3 p.m. It’s not always possible to avoid those peak times, but if you can, your team will thank you! 

Provide a Bucket of Ice Water and Some Towels 

In addition to having water and sports drinks ready in the morning, have employees bring a bucket of ice water and towels. This can help keep their body temperatures down, and can also be used in the event of heatstroke. 

Encourage Your Employees to Monitor Themselves

Remind your team that you know your body best. If something doesn't feel right, be aware and take it easy. Have any employees who use a smartwatch? Tell them to keep an eye on their heart rate. If it isn't where it normally is, then something probably isn't right.

Also Encourage Your Employees to Keep an Eye on Each Other 

Let your team know that they are expected to watch out for each other. If they notice another member of the team acting strange or out of character, call for a water break. They may spot a heat-related illness or injury before their fellow employee is even aware it’s happening. This situation could mean calling 911, or at least taking a break. 

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