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Lauren Pszonak
March 8, 2019
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Growing a business presents unique challenges — and can make business owners feel a bit lonely. After all, it is difficult to find people who can understand the unique struggles and decisions you have to make. There are problems that come up and decisions you make that you could never have imagined. That’s why having peers to discuss your business issues with — who aren’t competitors — is invaluable.

Where can you find those places? Online, of course! This blog post will focus specifically on Facebook Community groups, and how they can be a useful tool for business owners. [A quick note on groups: There are different privacy settings for  groups, and different ways to join them check out Facebook’s Help Page for more information.]

Advice and Mentoring
Whether you are giving or receiving, groups are a great place to exchange ideas and advice. You can ask tough questions about any area of your business, and get advice from others who have experienced the same situations in the past. You can also share your stories  to help enlighten less experienced owners who need more guidance. By responding to questions, you can refocus on your own company goals and give back to your industry.

Trade Show and Event Follow-ups
How many times have you come back from training, a conference or a trade show with lots of exciting new ideas? How many times have those ideas turned into actionable changes in your company? Probably less often than you would have hoped. Part of the benefit of going to these industry events is being surrounded by and engaging with peers. By taking the engagement from these events home with you and either establishing or joining a Facebook group, the benefits extend beyond the few days you are out of town. [We recommend starting or joining these groups before you leave the event if there are a few people you met who were like-minded. This can be especially impactful if you were in any small group settings during the event.]

Growing Your Own Social Media Presence
It is very difficult to grow your Facebook page, but we all know it is important. Find an industry peer in a Facebook group and have a conversation about how you can help each other grow. Perhaps make an agreement to like and share each other’s posts. Why? Engagement makes Facebook more likely to share your posts with more people. So by supporting one another, your own Facebook reach will expand.

Some of the largest Facebook groups have members from all areas of home services industries. There will be business coaches, software companies, finance companies, distributors and more. By joining these groups you can find all types of opinions and business solutions.

Overall, being connected to people in the industry who can relate to you is a sure-fire path to growing your company.

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