Hiring and Firing in Your Home Service Business


Deb Spearing
VP of Human Resources
September 10, 2019
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Running a home service business is not easy, and building the proper team might be the most difficult element of all. How do you attract the right employees for your company? And how do you move on from employees who don’t fit your vision? 

“Hiring and Firing in Your Home Services Business: How to Attract Best-fit Employees and Cut Toxic Employees Loose” is a webinar designed to help you answer those questions. 

During “Hiring and Firing,” Pointman’s VP of Human Resources, Deb Spearing, and VP of Content and Community, Tim McGuire, explore how to become an employer of choice — and why that matters. In addition, they discuss the importance of having an escape plan when it comes to firing, how to build a pipeline of potential employees and how to protect yourself and your business when letting go of an employee.

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