Insight into What Younger “Millennial” Workers Look For In a Job


Jessica Massey
Marketing & Sales Operations Analyst
April 10, 2018
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  1. Purpose & Development - Make sure your technicians keep having the opportunity to learn, and help them have pride in their work. This can go beyond just being proud of how they perform, but also having pride in your company identity.
  2. Coaching - Checking in with your technicians will help them know you are paying attention to their work, but also that you notice and value their contribution to the company. Giving advice and talking with them helps build them up.
  3. Working on Strengths - This relates to having pride in their work. If you notice a newer technician seems to excel in one specific area of the company, let them work more of that job. Help them learn new techniques, and give them harder problems to solve. They will to feel like a valuable member of the team.

Finding and keeping a solid reliable staff is difficult in every industry, however it seems there is always a need for one or two more techs in the field service industries. Job loyalty isn’t anywhere near where it used to be so finding new talent and retaining current employees can be an uphill battle. As older techs are retiring there needs to be a refreshed workforce.

Let’s  look at how technology can help you attract and retain new and younger “millennial”  technicians to your home services business.

What do millennials want?

There are a lot of studies done on what younger workers are looking for in their jobs/careers.The Gallup Poll, How Millennials Want to Work and Live from 2016 claims among the most important aspects of a career are: Purpose, Development, Coaching, and working on Strengths.

Another important value, though not addressed in the Gallup poll is flexibility in the workplace.

Purpose and Development

Millennials, more than other generations find personal value in their job. Many tend to view their job as their life, it’s more than ‘just what they do’. For this reason, they need more than a decent paycheck to keep them satisfied at at work. Sharing the vision of the company and keeping a comfortable, progressive, and positive work environment will give younger techs a sense of belonging.

Millennials also want to learn and grow in their position. They aren’t just looking for promotions and job title changes (though this is a good form of validation). Millennials want to try new things, have additional on-the job training, and opportunities to grow with the company. Many younger workers want to be part of something bigger. If they believe that both they and the company are  growing and expanding, they are more likely to have a high level of job satisfaction. Personal growth is validating, but they also want to feel like the company and employee has purpose.

Using technology will help you support millennials in this way (and will increase efficiency with your other employees too). Field Nimble, our field service management software easily tracks employee data. Not only will there be opportunities to see development or improvements in sales, but using technology also gives millennials confidence in the company’s commitment to the future.

The millennial generation is the first group of workers who grew up saturated by technology. Staying connected and using technology is a significant benefit to work experience. Hiring can be easier when the younger generation knows that much of the work is automated, and that the work tools they use, such as smartphones and tablets, are the same tools they use in their personal lives.


In addition to wanting to learn, the millennials want to feel support from their manager or supervisor. Having a time set aside to listen or answer questions can give employees the chance they need to learn in their own way. Technology also gives other options to keep dialogues open. One major advantage to software like Field Nimble and SWRemote is with the automatic updates to dispatch, conversations between techs and office admins can focus on problem solving and increased productivity instead of trying to straighten out schedules. Paperless forms, such as our product Scout, could work as a feedback form from technicians. Dispatchers can assign forms to techs at regular intervals asking about job satisfaction or have meeting requests.

Working on Strengths/Flexibility

Following on the trend of improvement, Gallop discovered that millennials are less interested in working on their weakness, and more interested in flourishing in their strengths. They carry the view “minimizing weakness” and “maximize strengths” is more important than eliminating their shortcomings. This view of work also needs to give employees the flexibility to bring the most growth to themselves and the company.

For example, if you hire a selling tech to present estimates in person, but then you discover every person he sends a follow up email to buys your service, you would want to see if he can work more on the outreach from the office instead of in-home visits. This would empower him to grow where he has the most potential, leading to job satisfaction and a sense of value in the company. As employees shape their own positions in the company, they can grow at their own rate, and feel as though they hold an irreplaceable position, giving them a sense of purpose.

What does this mean?  

Overall, what’s most important to millennials is growth. If you concentrate on being a forward-thinking company who fosters growth in your employees as well as in your company you will be able to attract younger technicians.

Take the first step, and look into investing in company wide trainings, adopting new software, and promoting a flexible work schedule.

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