Is It Time to Start Using Software in Your Business?


Tim McGuire
VP of Content and Community
July 2, 2019
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In a recent blog, we discussed evaluating field service management software and how to find the right option for your business. But before you even make it to the point of evaluation, you must answer an important question: Is it time to start using software in my business? 

For some this is an easy decision. However, for home service businesses with little (or no) software experience, taking the plunge can seem daunting. That’s why you need to look seriously at the way you run things, find your pain points, and identify the areas in which you can improve and grow. 

Here’s how to know if the time is right. 

Why now?

There are certain statements that a business owner who is ready for software says often. If any or all of the statements below sound like you, the choice is clear — and the time is right. 

“I want to make life easier for my staff.” 

  • Software will increase efficiency, thus allowing your team to get more done. 
  • Since all of your service technicians will have access to the software on their devices, you can hire more techs without having to hire more office staff.

“I’d like to provide a better customer experience.”

  • Have you had any missed appointments? Reliable software helps ensure these are a thing of the past.
  • You’ll get the right tech to the job, and solve the problem in one trip.
  • You are better able to schedule around customer constraints — i.e., it’s more likely you’ll be able to be there when the customer is available.
  • Your ability to communicate with customers before, during and after the job will dramatically improve.

“I’m looking to increase revenue opportunities.”

  • Better tracking of customer information, such as equipment, allows for better marketing and upsell opportunities.
  • Having a pricebook and presentation capabilities means you’ll be able to offer a number of different options to the customer.
  • Many businesses don’t sell service agreements because of tracking difficulty. But depending on your software choice, selling and maintaining these may now be a simple undertaking. 

“I need better analytics — and maybe better decision-making.”

  • Having the right numbers allows you to make better, more informed decisions — as long as the numbers are accurate. You no longer will be making decisions based on your gut.

By the way, if you are still using paper rather than software, you are not alone! But that could be another reason why now is the time to switch to software. In looking at our current SWRemote customers, we found that nearly 50% made the switch to our software from paper — in other words, more than half were not yet using any type of software, and could see that paper was not giving them everything they needed. 

Once you’ve made the decision that the time is right to make a change, you can move on to the next step: actually making your software decision. We’ll discuss that move in an upcoming blog. 

As you work through this process, remember that we are here to discuss your goals, your options and your apprehensions.

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