To the Point: The Year-End Push and Cybersecurity Are October’s Hot Topics


Christopher Schobert
Director of Communications
October 31, 2019
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This month, the skilled trade labor shortage caught the attention of Entrepreneur magazine, which explored how societal perceptions of the trades have changed over the years, along with what some home services franchises are doing to turn that perception around.

Amen to that. This is an effort plumbing, HVAC and electrical businesses of any size need to help address collectively, in order to boost our workforce and get the people we need to grow and prosper. 

But several other topics were on the minds of industry writers this month. Cybersecurity Awareness Month highlights the need to vet the vendors we work with, the “convenience factor” makes its way into home services as a competitive differentiator, and online reputation continues to be a concern for all in our industry.

Here’s a sampling of content our team found particularly impactful this month.

Business Strategy

“Finish Your Year Stronger Than You Started” (ACCA Now)
Learn how you can use the final months of the year to increase customer loyalty, repurchases and referrals.

“So You Wanna Start a Business, Eh?” (HVAC School Podcast)
In this podcast “for techs, by techs,” hear some valuable business-launching tips from one who’s walked that road.

Customer Service

“Angry, Irrational, and Empowered: Navigating Customer Service in the Internet Age” (Pumper)
Explore a hard-learned lesson on how the impression your business makes in passing becomes part of your brand story.

“You’ll Lose Customers. It Hurts. But Don’t Let Them Become Angry Ex-Customers” (SaaS Brief)
Reality check: You can’t fight the inevitable, but if you’re not careful, a few angry customers can become an avalanche.

Extra Points

“HVACR Industry Competitors Unite” (LinkedIn)
Learn how nearly 100 companies will gather in March to improve education for the HVACR techs of the future.

“2019 National Apprentice Contest Winners Announced” (PHCC)
Plumbing and HVAC apprentices from across the country got a chance to shine on the national stage in this PHCC competition.

“Rooftop Manufacturers Are Ready for 2023 Efficiency Standards” (The ACHR NEWS)
New designs for commercial heating and cooling rooftop units (RTUs) meet the Department of Energy’s efficiency mandate.

Human Resources

“7 Steps to Increase Productivity” (Contractor)
From team management to choosing the right supervisors, here you’ll find tips to help your small or medium-sized business be more efficient with limited resources.

“The Power of Influence in the Workplace: 4 Key Takeaways From the WHVACR Conference” (Pointman)
Anyone can help drive better design, culture, leadership and customer interaction at their company. Here’s how.

Sales and Marketing

“Convenience Will Deliver Sales and Loyalty” (Electrical Trends)
What can you learn from the convenience revolution in the consumer market? Quite a bit — and it could help you gain an edge over your competitors.

“HVAC Contractors Remove Pricing from the Sales Equation” (The ACHR NEWS)
Explore four innovative concepts to create a notably different customer experience — and increase ticket sales and customer loyalty.

Software Matters

“Don’t Let Your Supply Chain Undermine Your Security” (Security Boulevard)
Think you’re not in danger? Think again. As Cybersecurity Awareness Month draws to a close, learn best practices to vet the security of any software your company uses. 

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