To the Point: Apprenticeship Rule Changes and R22 Fears Are September’s Hot Topics


Christopher Schobert
Director of Communications
September 26, 2019
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The home services industry is heading into trade show season, and the Pointman team is hitting the road. This month’s roundup of articles and podcasts for plumbing, HVAC and electrical contractors tackles a number of topics sure to be on the industry's minds this fall.

Here are some recent items sure to be discussed at trade shows and around the water cooler. 

Business Strategy

“Are You Going to Be Smart in the Residential Market?” (Electrical Trends)
“While the residential new home market is a small segment, it has significant ramifications.” Learn why the impact of the residential market is greater than you might think.

“From Behemoth to Startup: Lessons Learned in Field Service Excellence” (Future of Field Service Podcast)
Bevi’s Hector Pascal discusses the similarities and differences in achieving field service excellence in a large organization versus a startup.

Customer Service

“Customer Reviews: Don’t Heckle Nice Ladies!” (HVAC Pro Blog)
Reviews matter. And as this HVAC Pro Blog entry shows, not knowing what your customers are saying about you can lead to a loss of business — and some real embarrassment. 

“How Do Technicians Sell?” (Contracting Business)
Should you train all your technicians to sell? Learn how to help your techs step out of their comfort zone and begin offering solutions to homeowners.

Extra Points

“5 HVACR Industry Topics to Put on Your Radar" (AHR) 
What are the most important topics on the minds of the HVACR industry in the year to come? The AHR Expo Expert Council recently chose five that stand out.

“2019 Top 40 Under 40 HVACR Professionals” (The NEWS)
The NEWS highlights 40 of the dynamic young talents who are helping transform the HVACR industry.

“HVACR, Skilled Trades Disagree on Apprenticeship Exception” (The NEWS)
The U.S. Department of Labor has revised the rules surrounding apprenticeship programs, but a clause exempting the military and the construction industry is drawing controversy. 

Human Resources

“The 9 Signs of a Great Company Leader” (Pumper)
Are you a good boss or a great boss? Or neither? Some simple leadership traits can keep your team happier and working collectively toward your business goals.

“Recruit, Train, and Keep Professional Technicians” (Contracting Business)
Finding and keeping qualified field technicians is not easy. Here is what’s required to recruit, train and retain these important members of your team. 

Sales and Marketing

“Contractor Group Moves to Allay Fears on R22” (Cooling Post)
ACCA, the nation’s largest air conditioning contractors’ association, is working to allay fears regarding the future availability of R22 refrigerant.

“The Most Bang For Your Bucks” (ACCA Now)
Video is becoming an important marketing tool for some contractors — and one HVAC business owner explains why. 

Software Matters

“How IoT Is Taking Over the HVAC Industry” (Propmodo)
The advent of IoT — the “internet of things” — is helping the HVAC industry be more proactive in identifying problems and finding solutions. 

“Consider Making Office HVAC System Smarter” (The Virginian-Pilot)
Do your customers have questions about SMART — self-monitoring analysis and reporting technology — HVAC systems? This column breaks down some key features. 

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