To the Point: Articles and Updates for Contractors From Around the Web — April 2019


The Pointman Team
April 26, 2019
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At Pointman, we are always on the lookout for the latest news and analysis for residential plumbing, HVAC and electrical contractors. Here are some recent articles from a variety of outlets on the topics impacting your industry.

Check out some recent articles exploring online HVAC sales, how to market your air conditioning services and why now is a great time to enter the plumbing industry. Plus, learn why the 2019 outlook for HVAC contractors is so bright.

Sales and Marketing

Online HVAC Sales Are a Small but Growing Market (The NEWS)
Contractors are devising new strategies for handling online purchases. Passing up on taking on these labor-only jobs might mean missing out on profitable work.

Marketing Your AC Services in 2019 (Contracting Business)
What are you doing to market your air conditioning services in the second quarter of 2019? Speed of outreach, image and communication through social media are essential elements.

Reputation Management

How to Manage Your Online Reputation — and Why It Matters (Pointman)
One bad review can hurt your business, even when it’s not justified. That’s why looking at and responding to every review is so important. (A Pointman PACT success coach can help here.)

Professional Growth

2019: A Good Year to Be a Better HVAC Contractor (The NEWS)
The outlook for 2019 is good, although labor shortages and a softening economy may slow growth.


Renting Vs. Buying: What to Consider Before Your Next Equipment Purchase (Pumper)
For contractors, there are always benefits and challenges to renting versus owning equipment. The answer lies in determining your needs for each project.

Employee Engagement

To Boost Employee Engagement, Consider Career Stage Before Age (Cleaner)
Age may not be the most important factor when it comes to strategies for engaging your employees. Instead, consider the length of an employee’s tenure.


How to Become a Skilled Tradesperson (Popular Mechanics)
The demand for trades is strong, and it is growing: “The trades are not merely an alternative to college. A trade is equal to college.”

2. How do they define success? 

Everyone defines success differently. Success to your candidate could mean living comfortably. It could also simply mean getting better at what they do every day. How a candidate answers the success question is another way to discover their character. 

3. How well do they adapt to changing environments?

Oftentimes those working in the home service industry do not know the problem until they arrive on the job site. Ask your candidate to give examples of times when they have gone into a job prepared to handle it one way and then had to rewire that thinking due to the reality of the situation. This can reveal humility of character and also demonstrates their adaptability to a changing work environment. Plus, if you add or switch field service management software at any point, you need an employee who can learn to adapt to using this new technology.

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