To the Point: Trending Topics, Articles and Updates for Contractors From Around the Web — August 2019


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August 27, 2019
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Whether you are the owner of a residential contracting company, a dispatcher or a technician, you are always looking for ways to grow. This month’s roundup of articles from around the web look at different types of growth — profit, leadership, the industry itself. Reading these tips and tactics can help you find the path to your own growth as an owner or employee.

Here are some recent articles that stood out to our team.

Business Strategy

The Price Is Right … Or Is It? (ACCA Now)
Is your pricing correct? If not, you might not see the profits you need. This article reviews some key areas that are sometimes overlooked.

“Differentiate Your Business By Turning Data Into Dollars” (HVAC Today)
“Data should not be wasted or treated carelessly.” Collecting, storing and protecting data is essential — and can be turned into new dollars. 

Customer Service

“An Improved Sales Pitch Can Also Be a Boon for Customer Service” (Cleaner)
Some companies view sales training in a negative light. However, it’s possible to improve your sales process while still maintaining the authentic relationship you want to have with customers.

“5 Customer Success Tips to Sound Like a Pro on the Phone” (Pointman)
How do you sound on the phone to your customers? These tips will help you sound positive, confident and professional. 

Extra Points

“The Top 5 Highest-Paying States for Electricians: 2018” (EC&M)
New York State takes the top spot in the latest research on average hourly wage and salary rates for electricians — but where did your own state wind up?

“The What and Why of Business Transformation in 2019” (Entrepreneur)
“Business transformation” is a buzzword in business these days. It’s all about changing mindsets and putting people first to affect real change.  

Human Resources

“Women In Field Service: A Female Field Technician's Perspective” (Field Technologies Online)
Field service organizations need to take extra care to think about how to make their company appealing not just for new hires in general but also for women specifically.

“New Advisory Committee to Promote Well-paying Careers in Skilled Trades for Young Canadians” (Prime Minister’s Office)
The prime minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, recently announced the creation of an advisory committee to promote apprenticeships and skilled trades across Canada.

Sales and Marketing

“Marketing Your Business Today” (Contractor)
The internet and social media has made connecting to your client base easier than ever before. However, it has also never been more dangerous.

“Executive Roundtable: Residential Heating” (HVACR Business)
Top HVACR manufacturing executives share some thoughts on heating season and how contractors can market efficiency solutions to customers. 

Software Matters

“Seven Industry Technologies That Drive HVAC Efficiency” (The NEWS)
From virtual reality to 3D printing, new technologies are breathing new life into the HVAC business.

“Digital Takeover? Nearly Half of Americans Own a Digital Assistant, Survey Finds” (USA Today)
A recent survey found that 48% of respondents in the U.S. owned a digital assistant, and 69% of voice assistant owners used their devices every day.

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4. Add-On or Upsell Count and Amount

Here, we’re looking at repairs sold beyond the original reason for the call. Every time you enter a customer’s home your techs have the chance to sell value added work, beyond the repair itself. If you’re training your techs to sell add-on products, don’t you want to know who's doing it well, and who may need a training refresher?

5. Agreement Opportunities/Sales

Maintenance agreements are the key to a consistent client base and essential for keeping your team busy during the shoulder seasons. Every time your technician is in the home of a non-member there is an opportunity to sell. Are they delivering? You need to know.

6. Future Opportunities

Are your technicians talking to customers with forced air heat about the improved comfort that comes with a humidifier? How about the benefits of water softeners or whole-house surge protection? If the customer is interested, but not now, you need to be able to follow up on those opportunities.

How much money do you think gets left on the table just by failing to make a follow-up call to reintroduce an offered product or service? Tracking these opportunities can be the secret to putting more of that money in your pocket. These opportunities are the gold dust that’s hiding in your business. With a little work, there’s a lot of money just waiting to be panned for and earned.

7. Replacement Opportunities/Sales

Repairing a capacitor on a 17-year-old condenser, or the pilot on a 12-year old hot water tank? These are opportunities for replacement, and your techs should be offering that as an option along with the repair itself. You can determine what you consider a replacement opportunity in your business. But regardless of the conditions you establish, you want to know which of your techs is making the most of them. 

And if they didn’t sell? See the previous item. You should be setting this as an opportunity for a follow up.

Have any recommendations for additional information you’ve found to be essential? How do you make sure your team shares these details after each visit? We’d love to know — drop us a line here.

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