To the Point: Trending Topics, Articles and Updates for Contractors From Around the Web — July 2019


The Pointman Team
July 30, 2019
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The home services industry is constantly evolving, and that’s clear from our latest roundup of must-reads for residential plumbing, HVAC and electrical contractors. From how to put a succession plan in place to ways to approach the impending tech shortage, there is plenty here that will help you grow your business and stay informed. 

Here are some recent articles that stood out to our team.

Running Your Business

“Planning For The Future: Succession Planning for Contractors” (ACCA Now)
If you run a family business, you need a succession plan in place. Read some stories about how successful companies like Stack Heating, Cooling & Electric set up a smooth transition.

“How Do You Lead? Identify Your Leadership Type” (Forbes)
What type of leader are you? Find out using some simple steps to determine your leadership type and the types of those around you.

Job Tips

“6 Characteristics of Successful Tradespeople” (LinkedIn)
“Blue Is the New White” author Josh Zolin breaks down some common characteristics shared by successful skilled trades workers. (Sign up now to watch Josh’s interview with the Pointman team.)

“Contractors Share Tips to Avoid Technician Burnout as the Heat Waves Hit” (The NEWS)
Summer is a very busy time for HVAC businesses. Check out some tips from contractors for avoiding burnout.

Customer Delight

“3 Reasons Why Turning Your Existing Customers Into Repeat Customers Is So Important for Your Business” (Pointman)
Focusing on existing customers and encouraging their repeat business is paying off for many home service business owners. Explore three reasons why in this Pointman blog post.

“Soft Skills for HVAC Technicians” (Contracting Business)
Rodney Koop, New Flat Rate founder and CEO, offers technicians some helpful tips for improving soft skills.

Industry News

“Tariffs and Their Impact on the HVAC Industry” (
Increased tariffs are having a direct impact on the HVAC industry, affecting both manufacturers and contractors, as well as homeowners. 

“Soon-to-be Discontinued AC Refrigerant May Mean Skyrocketing Prices” (KSHB)
Important news for HVAC contractors: Residential air conditioning units could be using a refrigerant that will soon stop production.


“The Push Toward Gender Diversity in the HVAC Industry” (Facility Executive)
An HVAC company president explains how the landscape of the HVAC industry is shifting and evolving, providing avenues to career success for both men and women. 


“‘We Are Progressing in a Very Positive Direction’” (Pumper)
Veteran plumbing company owner Mike Stairs says he is upbeat about the industry’s future. However, challenges include recruiting young people to work in the field. 

“The Gray Tsunami” (HVAC Today)
Is there an impending tech shortage in the HVAC industry? National Comfort Institute editor-in-chief Mike Weil says yes, and he believes the answer lies in a new approach to education. 

Did You Know?

“You Can Thank a Western New Yorker for Inventing Air Conditioning” (WGRZ-TV)
Pointman is proud to be based in Western New York. Here’s a unique local connection to the home services industry: WNY native Willis Carrier is credited as the inventor of the modern-day air conditioning system.

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Everyone defines success differently. Success to your candidate could mean living comfortably. It could also simply mean getting better at what they do every day. How a candidate answers the success question is another way to discover their character. 

3. How well do they adapt to changing environments?

Oftentimes those working in the home service industry do not know the problem until they arrive on the job site. Ask your candidate to give examples of times when they have gone into a job prepared to handle it one way and then had to rewire that thinking due to the reality of the situation. This can reveal humility of character and also demonstrates their adaptability to a changing work environment. Plus, if you add or switch field service management software at any point, you need an employee who can learn to adapt to using this new technology.

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