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June 25, 2019
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Each day brings articles and social media posts that residential plumbing, HVAC and electrical contractors simply need to read. One of our recent favorites was a video on Twitter highlighting Adrienne Bennett, the first black female master plumber in the U.S. Watch to learn more about her story, and also check out this 2018 profile from CNN.

Another post we enjoyed was a LinkedIn article by Josh Zolin titled “4 Misconceptions of the Skilled Trades.” He breaks down a few of the most common misconceptions that younger generations have about the trades.

Here are some other recent examples that stood out to our team.

Industry News

“Abbott Extends State Plumbing Board Until 2021 After Legislature Abolished It” (Texas Tribune)
Texas Governor Greg Abbott recently issued an executive order extending the Texas State Board of Plumbing Examiners and its licensing law until 2021.

“ACCA Releases Updated HVAC System Maintenance Requirements” (The NEWS)
ACCA has released 2019 technical standards that provide contractors with a template to create their own maintenance programs.

HR Strategies

“An Expectation of Safety” (Cleaner)
Business owners must create the expectation that safety will always be ingrained into every facet of the company.

“Building a Culture of Health at Your Company” (Pumper)
Developing a workplace wellness program can reduce turnover and boost productivity.


“Building Space: Women Break Into the Skilled Trades” (C-Ville)
While women represent a small percent of the construction trades workforce, more and more are seeking careers in plumbing and other skilled trades.

Sales and Marketing

“Attracting Residential Customers Is No Easy Task” (Plumber)
When it comes to residential customers, plumbers have a small window to create trust. Check out these tips for building that trust, and keeping it.

“Remembering the Little Things Will Improve HVAC Sales” (The NEWS)
Keys to HVAC business success include discipline, goal-setting, and following up — and making these things a habit.

Employee Engagement

The Loss of Community Impacts Contractors — Here’s How Your Company Can Bring It Back (Pointman)
Want to grow community in your business? Make an effort to celebrate the successes of your team (and their families) with the whole company.


“Digital Transformation: Critically Important, But Incredibly Complex” (Future of Field Service)
Service organizations need a well thought-out digital strategy in order to deliver the kind of experiences customers want.

“5 Data-backed Social Media Trends of 2019” (Awario)
Contractors looking into social media marketing need to be aware of the latest data. This infographic offers some numbers to explore.

Running Your Business

“The Hidden Cost of an OSHA Citation: What California Employers Need to Know” (Indoor Comfort News)
If you run a business in California, it’s important to know some of the most common penalty amounts. (Download required.)


“A Standardized Approach to Equipment Replacement” (Cleaner)
When it comes to figuring out when to replace equipment, it’s best to use hard data to back up your decisions.

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4. Add-On or Upsell Count and Amount

Here, we’re looking at repairs sold beyond the original reason for the call. Every time you enter a customer’s home your techs have the chance to sell value added work, beyond the repair itself. If you’re training your techs to sell add-on products, don’t you want to know who's doing it well, and who may need a training refresher?

5. Agreement Opportunities/Sales

Maintenance agreements are the key to a consistent client base and essential for keeping your team busy during the shoulder seasons. Every time your technician is in the home of a non-member there is an opportunity to sell. Are they delivering? You need to know.

6. Future Opportunities

Are your technicians talking to customers with forced air heat about the improved comfort that comes with a humidifier? How about the benefits of water softeners or whole-house surge protection? If the customer is interested, but not now, you need to be able to follow up on those opportunities.

How much money do you think gets left on the table just by failing to make a follow-up call to reintroduce an offered product or service? Tracking these opportunities can be the secret to putting more of that money in your pocket. These opportunities are the gold dust that’s hiding in your business. With a little work, there’s a lot of money just waiting to be panned for and earned.

7. Replacement Opportunities/Sales

Repairing a capacitor on a 17-year-old condenser, or the pilot on a 12-year old hot water tank? These are opportunities for replacement, and your techs should be offering that as an option along with the repair itself. You can determine what you consider a replacement opportunity in your business. But regardless of the conditions you establish, you want to know which of your techs is making the most of them. 

And if they didn’t sell? See the previous item. You should be setting this as an opportunity for a follow up.

Have any recommendations for additional information you’ve found to be essential? How do you make sure your team shares these details after each visit? We’d love to know — drop us a line here.

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