[Video Included] New Process? No Problem! Tips for Encouraging Team Compliance


Deb Spearing
April 25, 2019
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Implementing new processes is never easy. However, there are proven ways to encourage team compliance. With the proper approach and planning, you can successfully motivate your employees to understand why changes are taking place and — more importantly — to follow your new processes.

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2. How do they define success? 

Everyone defines success differently. Success to your candidate could mean living comfortably. It could also simply mean getting better at what they do every day. How a candidate answers the success question is another way to discover their character. 

3. How well do they adapt to changing environments?

Oftentimes those working in the home service industry do not know the problem until they arrive on the job site. Ask your candidate to give examples of times when they have gone into a job prepared to handle it one way and then had to rewire that thinking due to the reality of the situation. This can reveal humility of character and also demonstrates their adaptability to a changing work environment. Plus, if you add or switch field service management software at any point, you need an employee who can learn to adapt to using this new technology.

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