Backed by AWS

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the world’s most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud platform and is architected to be the most flexible and secure cloud computing environment available today. AWS is built to satisfy the security requirements for the military, global banks, and other high-sensitivity organizations worldwide.

 Incremental Backups

Your data is the lifeline of your business, and with PointMan, your data is automatically incrementally backed up and can be restored in case of disaster or accidental deletion. Backups are stored for 90 days, so deleted data is typically restored in under 24 hours to minimize downtime.

Security Audited Annually

Following industry standards, our system is tested and audited annually to make certain your data is secure. In addition, a team of independent cyber-security professionals attempts to find and exploit potential vulnerabilities in the system.

Native Cloud Service – Scalable Architecture

PointMan provides native cloud services freeing up your IT resources and dollars. You get more reliable, secure, speedy, and scalable access to your data anytime, anywhere in the world. There is no limit to the amount of data you can collect and no limits to the number of users you can add to your environment. Our cloud is built to provide 99.9% percent guaranteed uptime with fast performance and advanced data protection.