User Information & Location on Every Feature

PointMan’s patented “Precision & Pedigree” technology stores attributes on each feature automatically, including the username of the user who created the feature, the date and time of when the feature was created, as well as the GPS coordinates of the feature and the depth, where applicable.

Stores Attributes for each Point and Line

In addition to user information and location, the pedigree/details panel also lists the GPS receiver, utility locator, CRS, Geoid model, utility codes, Fix Type (correction), PointMan version, mobile device model, as-built information, and antenna height if they were used in the process of collecting the data, as well as all associated accuracy levels, elevations, altitudes, comments, photos/sketches, and forms/PDFs.

Supports PDFs out in the Field

PointMan gives users the ability to create and view PDFs while out in the field. This allows for an increase in accountability and a decrease in liability as field personnel can easily refer to necessary documents from within the app at any location.

Client Owns Data