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Collect Multiple Features Simultaneously

Users can pause line collection to collect points, lines, or polygons that are separate from the line-work and add attributes, comments, and symbols to the line vertexes without having to end the line first. This process significantly saves time, effort, and money as it allows you to collect everything in one pass.

Feature Lock

Feature lock allows users to collect as many data points of the same feature as needed in one go, thus improving efficiency by removing the need to reselect the feature from the New Place Mark dialog each time.

Photos & Sketches

Capture photos related to the project(s) right from the mobile device. You can also create sketches of the map and data and even include them as attachments in PDF forms. PointMan allows you to circle items of interest in photos as well as add notes to it. You can export these as photos or PDFs.

Split and Join Lines

Should there be a need to abandon a section of collected line, users can split that line into two and collectively remove the associated points instead of deleting them one by one. Should two lines need to be merged as one, users can do so by using the join feature.

Associate Features to Each Other

Users can associate a photo, file, or feature to another feature. For example, you can associate a valve with a photo taken while out in the field. This allows for better documentation practices and ease-of-use in PointMan.