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Enterprise Integration

811 Functionality 

PointMan Pro allows OneCall tickets to be displayed on the PointMan Map View to designate the area of work that underground utility location data must be provided for. 

Raster Imagery Upload 75mb per data set

A raster consists of a matrix of cells (or pixels) organized into rows and columns (or a grid) where each cell contains a value representing information, such as color, temperature, etc. Rasters are digital aerial photographs, imagery from satellites or UAV’s, digital pictures, or even scanned maps.

Share Layers – Ability to share Layers between projects

Admins may use this feature to share layers from one project to another. Data Collectors and Viewers can only view the shared feature layers and the shared layer can only be edited from the project the layer was originally shared from.

Site Calibration

A site calibration is a series of mathematical computations that transforms from a State Plane, UTM, or other cartesian coordinate system into a local cartesian grid coordinate system via a four parameter Helmert transformation. This allows users to get Northing/Easting coordinates.

Data Dictionary Icons

Data Dictionary Point components can be styled to display various icons on the map and will sustain the icons upon export, meaning, if you open the export file in another GIS mapping system, the symbols will be included and displayed there. The file formats currently allowed are PNGs, GIFs, and JPGs. 

An Unlimited Number of Projects

This functionality removes the limit set for your environment allowing users to have an unlimited number of projects.