Are You Listening? PHCC Connect Learns Why “Hearing Is Not Enough”

October 7, 2019

The key for home services contractors to running a business, growing a customer base or gaining return customers lies in actively listening to them. 

Easy enough, right? Not so much, as many contractors learned through an interactive Pointman workshop this week in Indianapolis at PHCC Connect, the major national conference put on by the Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors Association. 

Contractor magazine’s Steve Spaulding highlighted “Hearing Is Not Enough: Overcome Objections and Take Control by Listening,” an energetic session led by Tim McGuire, Pointman’s VP of Content and Community, and David Thiemecke, VP of Learning and Development. 

In the workshop, which was part of the QSC Contractors Central programming, attendees paired up with workbooks to role-play common sales-pitch interactions between homeowners and contractors. Through active listening, the “contractors” were able to get at the premise underlying the objections — leaving the “homeowners” feeling like they were truly heard (even “cared for”) and more likely to make the purchase.

“We all have pre-set answers to typical objections, McGuire said, but when we do that we’re putting ourselves and our customers on different teams,” Spaulding writes. “It should never be the customer vs. the contractor; it should be the customer and the contractor together vs. the problem.”

Read the Contractor magazine coverage for more insights and takeaways from the session.

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