Learn From the Experts: AHR Presentations From Pointman Pros and Friends

February 1, 2019

The Pointman team recently recently returned from exhibiting at the annual AHR Expo in Atlanta. This is the largest HVAC event in the world, bringing over 70,000 HVAC professionals under one roof for three days. In addition, AHR offers hundreds of learning opportunities and classes. This year, the Pointman senior leadership team — Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer Steve Kiernan II, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer Steve Raines, VP of Customer Success Greg Dooley, and VP of Marketing Melissa Harris — presented an education seminar sponsored by a Pointman Partner, Women in HVACR. The seminar, titled “There are No Secrets to Success,” drew an audience of more than 50 attendees.

Pointman also hosted 10-minute presentations at its booth covering a wide range of topics, from defining a contractor’s marketing area and technician/manager relationships, to refrigerant tracking and how to service a millennial’s home. The entire Pointman team would like to extend special “thank you” to Service Roundtable, Women in HVACR, Online Access and SuccessWare21 for sharing presentations at the Pointman booth.

Did you miss some of the presentations, or interested in hearing them again? Good news! Each in-booth presentation was recorded and is now available on the Pointman website. The slides from each presentation can also be provided for those interested.

Pointman is grateful to everyone who made AHR such a successful show, and looks forward to next year’s AHR Expo in Orlando, Florida! It was especially exciting to discuss Pointman PACT, and how it can help owners run their businesses successfully. Learn more about how PACT now.

Servicing the New Homeowner - How to Delight Millennials, Greg Dooley

Technician/Manager Relationships, Andy Bagner

Online Relationships, Lauren Pszonak

Why Does PACT Matter to the Industry?, Steve Kiernan

PACT Overview, Greg Dooley

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