Listen to Pointman CEO Steve Kiernan II on ‘Buffalo Means Business’

June 19, 2019

Pointman CEO and Co-Founder Steve Kiernan II was recently interviewed on “Buffalo Means Business,” a weekly radio show on WBEN-AM 930 devoted to Western New York businesses and services. During the appearance, Kiernan discussed what Pointman looks for in its members, how the expectations of homeowners have changed in recent years and what the Pointman name stands for.

As Kiernan told host Randy Bushover, the business owners and entrepreneurs who Pointman works with each day are “out there experiencing a lot of risk and they don’t have certainty in front of them. They are the pointman. They are the one leading the charge to get to where their goals are.”

Kiernan explained that the owners who make the switch to Pointman’s field service management software recognize the uniqueness of its approach, and also have an understanding of their long-term goals.

“The thing that those folks share in common is that they’ve got real clarity on what their big goals and dreams are,” Kiernan said. “And they believe that the best way to achieve them has everything to do with how they treat their customers.”

Listen to the show now, or download the full interview.

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