Pointman Launches 10 Points: 10 Monthly Insights for Residential Contractors

July 10, 2019

An Introduction From Pointman Co-Founder and CEO Steve Kiernan II

Welcome to 10 Points, a newsletter made for the home service business owner who is looking to grow. 

At Pointman, we envision a world in which every homeowner loves their contractor. That’s why we are changing the interaction between homeowners and contractors, replacing worry and stress with mutual respect and trust. 

One way we do that is through our field service management software that also includes unlimited business coaching, a team of dedicated analysts and access to a community of peers. Another is by sharing insights from our expert Pointman pros through videos, blog posts, webinars, e-books and workbooks. With 10 Points, we’re bringing all this recent content straight to your inbox. The tips and analysis here can help you grow your business the right way. 

There is a lot more coming, and we can’t wait to share it with you. Not signed up for 10 Points? Do so right here, you don't want to miss it. Thank you for reading!

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