Pointman Named One of the Largest Technology Product Companies in Buffalo

February 28, 2020

Buffalo Business First reported Pointman as one of Western New York’s Largest Technology Product Companies, honoring the field service management software provider among 35 of the area’s product-based tech businesses. 

Unfortunately, Buffalo Business First was not able to reach us for an up-to-the-minute data check. Due to Pointman’s new strategic plan and revised product offerings, the company now sits at 26 employees, not 42 as the list states. This would place the company in 15th place — in a respectable tie with three other tech companies.

Pointman has, and always will be, a proud Buffalo company; but that did not come without some doubt. “A couple of years ago I came back from Saastr (a San Francisco conference for software-as-a-service companies) ... even the most banal conversations were thrilling because people there thought very differently. I think it’s fair to say that some doubt crept into my mind whether Buffalo was a good place for a high-growth tech startup” Pointman CEO Steve Kiernan II reflects in a Buffalo Business First interview last year. 

Since, Kiernan has been delighted to see that that exact doubt was challenged and proven wrong “Over the last three years my outlook has changed,” citing organizations such as 43North and Z80 Labs as early players that introduced Buffalonians to a new lifestyle and a different way of approaching business. “It’s accepted now to try and do something like this, where it wasn’t 10 years ago.” 

Pointman is honored — and excited — to be included on the list and, more importantly, to be a part of this booming tech community in Buffalo. 

View the entire 2020 Largest Buffalo Technology Product Companies list here.

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