Visibility, Tracking, Control and Efficiency: This Is Pointman 9.7

October 10, 2019

Time waits for no one, as the old saying goes. But residential plumbing, HVAC and electrical contractors who use the Pointman field service management software get about as much control over this unstoppable force as one could hope for — and their productivity and business intelligence improve dramatically because of it. 

Pointman 9.7, released to users on October 10, significantly expands contractors’ capabilities to manage, track and report on their employees’ work time. It also introduces innovations that allow dispatchers and customer service representatives to create new job entries even more quickly and easily.

Combined with the analysis and guidance provided by Pointman’s unmatched team of veteran home services operations experts, this latest release firmly places Pointman at the head of the field service management pack.

Highlights of the Pointman 9.7 release include:

Timecard Management

  • Easy clock-in, clock-out and status setting for employees in the field and at the office
  • Ability to fix timecard mistakes, review edit history, and add or remove time entries
  • Customization of dispatch and break time settings
  • Reporting on paid, unpaid and total hours logged over a given period of time

Read our step-by-step employee time tracking guide.

Quick Job Creation

  • New Quick Add Job form reduces number of clicks necessary to add jobs and schedule visits 
  • Create a job, add essential information and schedule a visit in just a couple of screens

See how easy it is through this video walkthrough of the Quick Add Job process.