The purpose of this section is to show you how to transfer your list of projects in PointMan from one mobile device to another. NOTE: This is not needed if you have a cloud login.

On your old mobile device

  1. Go to the main tablet home page
  2. Open an app called “My Files”, “Files”, or whatever it’s called on your tablet
  3. Tap “Internal Storage”
  4. Navigate to the “PointManTE21” folder and tap it
  5. You should see the “cache” folder. Tap and hold on this until it is selected and then tap the menu on the top right
  6. Tap “Compress”, “Add to Zip File”, “Zip” or whatever your tablet calls it
  7. Email this zipped file to yourself. If the file is too big to email, you can either call PointMan support at (970)683-5530 or upload it to a cloud drive.

On your new mobile device

  1. Download the zipped “cache” folder onto your tablet, either from the email or from the link (if used)
  2. Open your “My Files”, “Files”, or whatever it’s called on your new tablet
  3. Tap “Internal Storage” and then tap “Downloads”
  4. When you find the “cache” folder, tap and hold it, then tap the menu button on the top right
  5. Tap COPY or MOVE
  6. Tap “Internal Storage” and then tap on “PointManTE21”.
  7. PASTE or MOVE the zipped folder into here and replace the “cache” folder that is already in there.
  8. Tap and hold on the zipped “cache” folder, tap the menu on the top right, and unzip or extract the folder.
  9. If you have 2 folders, one zipped and one unzipped, delete the zipped one, leaving only the unzipped folder
  10. Close all apps and reopen PointMan. When you login, you should see your projects.