PointMan should be able to connect Leica Smart Antennas via Mock Locations and the Zeno Mobile/Zeno Connect apps

  1. Install the Leica Zeno Mobile app and open it
  2. Install the Leica Zeno Connect app and open it
  3. Go to Android settings and enable Developer Options
  4. Set the “Mock Location Default App” to Leica Zeno Mobile
  5. Pair the Leica GPS to the Android device via Bluetooth
  6. Open PointMan –> Tap Menu à Settings –> Tap GPS dropdown à Select Mock Locations
  7. In PointMan settings, set the antenna height in feet or meters (measure from ground to middle of GPS unit)
  8. Tap Close
  9. Tap the Location Services arrow on the bottom left of the PointMan map display.
  10. PointMan will display the message “Obtaining GPS Fix”
    • If PointMan displays GPS information shortly after. This means it worked
    • If PointMan stays stuck on “Obtaining GPS Fix” turn the arrow off and back on
    • If it says, “Failed to Connect to GPS Device”, switch your mock location app in Android settings to Zeno Connect app
  11. You can login to your VRS/NTRIP/RTN in PointMan settings using the Corrections edit button to get RTK