Google, the developer of the Android Operating System will stop providing security updates to Android OS 8 later this year. ProStar, the developer of PointMan, continues to make certain our software meets both system and security requirements set forth by Google. To ensure that your PointMan software continues to run seamlessly and that you receive product updates for PointMan on your Android device, please maintain the following minimum Android OS8:

July 1, 2021 – Minimum Android OS version 8

Q: How do I check to see what version of the Android OS I have on my phone or tablet?
1. Go to the device’s settings app
2. Tap “System”
3. Tab “About..”
      Note: The naming convention varies based on the device. Some possible options would be “About Device”, “About Tablet”, “About Phone”, etc.
4. Scroll until you find “Android Version”
      Note: The version number may appear beneath this label. If it does not, you may have to tap on it to view the version number.

Q: What happens if I do not have Android OS 8 or higher installed on my device by July 1, 2021
A: You will no longer be able to download a new install of the PointMan application on your Android based mobile device. If you already have a version of PointMan on your Android mobile device, your version of PointMan will continue to run, but you may not be able to download any new software updates.

Q: Will my mobile device be able to upgrade to Android version 8?
A: The ability to upgrade your Android device to OS version 9 or higher is dependent on the device manufacture and the model. Check with your device manufacturer for compatibility.