How Pointman Works

Pointman is the ONLY field service management software that also comes with a team of data analysts and experienced home-services professionals dedicated to helping you get your business running smoothly and growing smartly. Here’s what you can expect with Pointman. 

Quick and Easy Onboarding

Heard the horror stories of dragged-out onboarding and nonexistent training with other field service management providers? Not at Pointman. You’ll pair up immediately with a Customer Success Manager who will walk you through everything you need to get your team using Pointman quickly, effectively and comfortably, including:

- Initial system setup
- Data conversion and migration
- QuickBooks interface setup
- Training for you, your techs and your entire office staff

You’ll also begin working with your Success Coach — a dedicated home services industry veteran who will stick with you and act as your partner through the entire lifetime of your Pointman membership. 

Show Me How

Price Book Consultation

We know from experience that proper pricing is the key to profitability. Your Success Coach analyze all available pricing data specific to your trade in your geographic area to help you:

- Ensure your price book is appropriate for your area
- Optimize billable hours to help you hit your revenue and profit goals

Meet My Success Coach
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All of Your Team, All On the Same Page

Pointman’s features include:

- Customer management
- Job creation and dispatch
- Service agreement management
- Flexible price book options

- Proposal presentation in the field
- Payment processing
- Time card tracking and editing
- Parts used/inventory tracking

Regular Feedback Plus Practical Recommendations

Our team is available to talk whenever you need us, but we’ll also keep a biweekly call with your Success Coach on the calendar. Here you’ll work with your Success Coach to review major success metrics like:

- Tech and billable hour efficiency
- Proper time recording
- Payment collection
- Other data you may not know existed (but we geek out on)

We’ll keep an eye on all this for you, alert you to any usage or operational issues (reaching out immediately, of course, whenever necessary), and offer proactive, practical recommendations to get your business running more smoothly and bring you closer to your goals.

How Will It Work for Me?

A Nationwide Community of Peers

Wondering how your latest marketing idea has worked for other contractors? Want a second opinion on handling a tough customer from someone who’s been through the same thing?

Just ask. All Pointman members belong to our exclusive online community of like-minded contractors from across the country. Here they post questions of other Pointman users, ask each other for advice, and share insights on everything from software-usage tips to marketing, employee management and other core aspects of business.

Goals: Crushed!

Not everyone’s aspirations are the same. Maybe you want to grow your revenue and profits; or perhaps you simply want more time with your family. It all depends on your unique circumstances, your stage in growth and a zillion other factors.

But one thing is for sure: Whether you’re a three-person shop or a team of 15, reaching your goals requires building stronger relationships with homeowners, relieving stress and maximizing efficiency.

Pointman can help you get there. Just ask these contractors who’ve seen the results.

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