To pair:

  1. In the iOS device settings, go to “Bluetooth” and turn it on
  2. On your Subsite locator
    • Press and hold the “Menu” button
    • Scroll down using the down arrow key and select “Configuration” using the “Function/Forward” button
    • Select “Settings”
    • Select “Communications”
    • Select “Bluetooth”
    • Select “Connect”
  3. On the iOS device, a message should appear asking if you would like to pair with the locator. Note: The locator will appear as “MFLRX_<serial number>”.
  4. The locator should now be listed under “My Devices” as connected.
  5. In the PointMan settings panel, select “Subsite” from the “Locator” dropdown field.

To verify that the locator is properly connected

  1. In PointMan, select the “New” button in the top right of the map view
  2. Select any placemark feature and tap “OK”
  3. In the bottom bar, enable “GPS” (if it is not already automatically enabled) by tapping on it
  4. The status menu (the black dialogue box that appears in the top right of the map view) should display “Subsite: on”
  5. Tap “Cancel” and start collecting data!