• Digitally map and manage assets above and below ground

  • Capture, record, and visualize the precise location of utilities

  • Real-time data sharing

  • Improve public and environmental safety

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Now manage all of your critical infrastructure assets above and below the ground with an easy-to-use and affordable digital mapping solution

Data Conversion

PointMan® is a modern cloud and mobile asset management system. With PointMan Muni, you can now easily and securely manage all of your assets and go from paper maps to a modern digital mapping system. Imagine all of your assets digitally managed in a secure, easy-to-use, and affordable system.

Cloud & Mobile

PointMan is a cloud and mobile software application. Working seamlessly with mobile devices and the cloud enables field and office workers to easily access, visualize and share information on demand, including the type, condition, and precise location of your assets. 

Collect Without Limits

There are no limits on the type and amount of data you can collect with PointMan. We don’t have additional hidden fees, and there is no need to purchase additional credits or software. Now you can quickly and easily collect as much data as you desire and even add unlimited number of photos, forms, sketches, and notes of your critical infrastructure.  

Precision Utility Data Collection to the Centimeter

Easy and Affordable

With PointMan, any size municipality can now have an easy to use and affordable digital asset management system. Training for your entire team can be done in days, not weeks, and in most cases, you can use your existing GPS/GNSS and EM locate tools.


PointMan Cloud protects data, apps, and infrastructure with built-in security services. PointMan Cloud runs on AWS, which is a durable technology platform with industry-recognized certifications and audits. Our data services and security protocols have multiple layers of operational and physical security to ensure the integrity and safety of your data.

“ProStar’s solution was chosen for many key reasons including the fact it is affordable, easy to use, and provides exactly what we need to meet the NJDEP mandate for precision and collection parameters standards.”

Sandra Caceres
Director of Public Works
Township of Aberdeen, NJ

“ProStar’s solution was chosen for many key reasons, including the fact it is very affordable, easy to use, and provides exactly what we need to help manage our critical infrastructure. We have been looking for a system to replace our current asset management solution for some time as it was becoming cumbersome and difficult to maintain, and PointMan Pro met all of our requirements.”

Casey Mai
Public Works Director
City of New Hampton, IA

Real-Time Data

Nobody likes a bottleneck of information. With PointMan’s precision underground utility mobile mapping software, information can get shared in real-time with whoever needs it. PointMan dramatically improves data collection and reduces risk during all phases of your asset management life cycle, whether in the field or the office.

Meet State Mandates

PointMan can assist in meeting or even exceeding mandates for asset management and data standards for accuracy, quality, and compatibility. Our municipal clients use PointMan to easily collect, capture, record, visualize, and share their critical infrastructure data including water, sewer, and service systems.

Learn Today – Start Tomorrow

Download PointMan today and go from P.O. to GO in a matter of hours. PointMan setup and training is simple and intuitive. In fact, unlike other systems, we empower you to manage and operate PointMan for your entire enterprise. PointMan setup includes industry standard asset libraries and the ability to set permissions and roles for your entire team. PointMan onboarding comes with a team of training professionals and includes an online training and support system.