• Capture, record, and visualize the precise location of utilities

  • Real-time data sharing

  • Improve safety

  • Increase productivity

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PointMan is Designed to Meet Subsurface Utility Engineering Data Collection Standards 

The need for civil engineering teams to know the precise location of buried utilities and assets is a driving force behind the rapid expansion of Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE.) With PointMan, SUE firms can easily and affordably ensure that their client will have mission-critical infrastructure data with documented quality and accuracy for faster and more confident decisions.

ASCE 38-22 Standards

Since PointMan can connect to your EM locate tool and a GPS/GNSS device, geophysical and attribute information from that system can be collected with centimeter accuracy. The engineering professional can use that data to assign an appropriate ASCE 38-22 Utility Quality Level.

Streamline your Work Flow

Use PointMan to create field sketches, field notes, depth reading points, and a method for evaluating the quality of the data back in the office without a separate field visit. Pushing this evaluated data into integrated GIS facilitates the creation of a Digital Twin.

“PointMan delivers to KCI a more efficient workflow process, trusted data quality and precision, and it is also, by far, the easiest I have ever used when compared to any of the other major mobile GIS solutions on the market.”

Joseph Porter
National SUE Training and Quality Control Manager

“Knowing the origin, locational accuracy methods, and integrity of utility data are critical to managing the risks of using that data; ProStar’s attribution of Precision, Pedigree, and Provenance to utility data delivers measurable confidence to stakeholders.”

Jim Anspach, Founding Governor 
ASCE Utility Engineering & Surveying Institute

Real-Time Data

Now you can make confident business decisions with real-time access to more precise data. With PointMan’s precision underground utility mobile mapping software, information is shared in real-time with whoever needs it. PointMan dramatically facilitates data collection and data quality assurance.

Download Today – Start Tomorrow

Your team can learn PointMan in a day, so you can go from P.O. to GO in as few as 7 business days. PointMan comes with industry-standard asset libraries and the ability to set permissions and roles for your entire team, and our user-based training means your entire team can be up and running in no time.

Collect Without Limits

There are no limits on the type and amount of data you can collect with PointMan. Unlike other systems, there is no need to purchase additional credits or software. This means you can quickly and easily collect and share photos, forms, sketches, and notes of your construction project from design to completion with no limitations and no additional fees.