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SWRemote is now SWRemote Suite:
an integrated set of tools for service companies using SuccessWare®21.

Take SuccessWare®21 with you anywhere with SWRemote Suite — the suite of mobile applications for SuccessWare®21's operations and field service software.

Use with select iOS or Android tablets or phones.

Get efficient. Get organized. Go paperless in the field.

SWRemote Suite includes mobile applications for SuccessWare®21 that enable your field service technicians, installers and sales people to work paperlessly from the field.  Your office staff benefits from SWRemote Suite as well, because of the real-time data syncing from the field.

SWRemote Suite includes integrated custom forms management and sales proposals/presentations!

With SWRemote Suite, your team has unlimited access to create and manage custom forms to collect any data that your company needs to stay in compliance, to market more efficiently, or to create more personalized experiences with your customers. In addition, your team is empowered with a cutting-end sales proposal and presentations tool to bring your in-home sales experience to the next level by earning more trust and winning more business.

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/ device / month



/ device / month
(save 10%)

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one time fee
per company and device

Scout and Aquire Mobile

App Features

SWRemote Suite delivers unrivaled functionality in the field and the office. Here why SuccessWare®21 customers choose SWRemote Suite:

Real-time Performance Data

Field service technicians and office administrators receive job data in real time, allowing for immediate changes in work orders and other operations. Notifications are sent to field techs, providing clear communications.

Customer Management

SWRemote provides technicians with customer history notes before they arrive to the job site. This gives them a better understanding of your customer’s needs and presents upsell opportunities so you never miss a beat.

Inventory Management

Managing inventory has never been simpler with SWRemote. Our software automatically creates requisition documents for all parts a technician uses on the job, replacements parts are automatically reordered.

Structured, Legible Data

SWRemote organizes data into structured fields to provide users with easy retrieval of legible data.

Work Online or Offline

No internet, no problem! SWRemote allows users to capture data and complete forms even when there is no internet access. Information will be uploaded once an internet connection is re-established.

Get Paid Faster

Process credit cards at the job site. Multiple payment processing of credit cards, cash, check or purchase orders/billing is shared in real time with office operations.

Forms Done Right, With Scout

Scout enables field and home service companies to gain more time in their day-to-day operations by streamlining workflow with digital custom forms and checklists.

Proposals Done Right, With Acquire

Acquire is a proposal-building software that allows your team to effortlessly create custom proposals and close more deals.

App Requirements

You must be a SuccessWare®21 customer — both ASP and LAN (In-House Network) are compatible. Your technicians will need approved devices, as well as data plans, from your wireless provider.

Please be aware that the devices listed below with specific carriers were the devices we tested, and we welcome you to try other carriers of the same device, but cannot guarantee they will work the same.

Apple iOS Devices

iPad Air 2
iPad Pro 9.7"
iPad Pro 12.9"
iPad mini 4
iPad 9.7 (2017)
iPhone 6s
iPhone 6s Plus

iPad Air 2
iPad Pro 9.7"
iPad Pro 12.9"
iPad mini 4
iPad 9.7 (2017)
iPhone 6s
iPhone 6s Plus

Android Devices

Samsung Galaxy S6
Samsung Galaxy S7
Samsung Galaxy Note 4
Samsung Galaxy Note 5

Legacy Devices


Legacy Devices
Apple iOS Devices
iPad 4th Generation
iPad Air
iPad mini 3
iPhone 5S
iPhone SE
iPhone 6
iPhone 6 Plus

Android Devices
‍Please Note: The following devices have been tested on the listed Android version and build number, however each carrier can release build updates which may not work with SWRemote.

Samsung Galaxy S3 — Verizon (SCH-I535)
Samsung Galaxy Note II — Verizon (SCH-I605) Android 4.4.2
Samsung Galaxy Note 3 — Verizon (SM-N900V) Android 4.4.2
Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 — Wi-Fi ONLY (GT-P3113) Android 4.2 — Build JDQ39.P3113UECMH2
Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 — Wi-Fi ONLY (GT-N8013) Android 4.1 — Build JZO54K.N8013UEUCMI3
Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition — WiFi (GT-N8013)
HTC One — Sprint (AP801CWH) Android 4.2HTC One M8 — Verizon (HTC6525LVW) Android 4.4.4Asus Nexus 7 (2013) — AT&T Android 4.4.2 — Build KOT49H

Android Devices
‍Note: The following devices do not work with the iD Tech cc swipers, but are still approved for use with our application.

Samsung Galaxy S4 — Verizon (SCH-I545) Android 4.3 (Baseband Version — I545VRUEMK2)
Samsung Galaxy Note 3 — Sprint (SM-N900P) Android 4.3
Asus Nexus 7 (Original) — AT&T Android 4.4 — Build KRT16S
LG Nexus 4
HTC One — Sprint (AP801CWH) Android 4.4.

Integrates Seamlessly With SuccessWare®21

For SuccessWare®21 users, the software is a cornerstone of their operations. Now, the functionality and features of SuccessWare®21 are packed into a mobile platform that allows you to bring your favorite management software on the road. Request a demo below to see the full functionality of SWRemote Suite for yourself.

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