New Feature: “Send Data” button  

This new button was implemented to assist with troubleshooting issues regarding Project Data in PointMan Plus accounts.  

This new feature will export the following information:  

  • All project data that is saved on the mobile device, including any saved Settings. (That is, only the data that was stored from when the app was last installed on your device. Any data prior to the deletion of the PointMan app will be unrecoverable.) 
  • A Log File from the mobile device (A file of logged activity regarding the PointMan app that is commonly requested from the PointMan Support and Development Teams when troubleshooting any issues related to the PointMan app.)  

Should you run into any issues regarding your Project Data, please provide the files you receive from this button and send them in to PointMan Support at [email protected] with a brief description of what the issue is along with any screenshots or screen recordings that may help us in assisting with your issue.