New Features:

Capturing Videos on a Feature

PointMan Pro users can now capture a video up to two minutes long and add it to any feature!

 Autosave Recovery for Unfinished Features

Autosave Recovery is now available for all unfinished features. If, for any reason, a user exits the PointMan app during feature collection, a dialogue will appear when the app is reopened with the option to recover or discard the unsaved feature. If the recover option is chosen, the user can continue to edit the feature and select “finish” to save the feature. If discard is chosen, the feature and any data previously collected with it will be deleted.

Option to Preserve Locate Pedigree if Repositioning a Point or Vertex

When moving a point or vertex, all GPS pedigree information is invalidated. This new feature will allow the option to save pedigree information upon repositioning a point or vertex.

To Use:

  1. Open the PointMan app and locate a point that was collected using a GPS
  2. Navigate to the settings page under the menu panel
  3. Under the map section, turn on “Preserve Locate Pedigree on Move”
  4. Close the settings page and return to the point located in step one
  5. Move the point using a GPS and notice the pedigree is saved

Trouble Shooting Dialogue Box for Trimble Units

Upon failure to connect a Trimble unit or Trimble Mobile Manager, a dialogue box will now appear with possible solutions to check before contacting support.

Examples of fixes include:

  • Ensure Bluetooth is enabled
  • Check to make sure the power to the receiver is on
  • Verify receiver shows as paired and connected in the iOS settings
  • Verify the correct receiver is selected
  • Ensure the receiver is not paired or connected to another device

Additional Enhancements:

Copy Button Added to Stand Alone License Section

The copy button allows users to copy the Device ID from the settings, so they do not have to type it out

Streamlined Way to Send a Logfile or Data File to PointMan Support

There are now two options for a user to send a log file or data file to the PointMan Support Team. This new option is perfect for users who do not currently have an email configured on their devices. After navigating to “Send Log file” or “Send Data File”, select the “Support” button from the dialogue box, and your log file will be sent directly to PointMan Support Team!


 Bug Fixes:

  • Bug fixes and improvements