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  • Capture, record, and visualize the precise location of utilities

  • Real-time data sharing

  • Improve safety

  • Increase productivity

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PointMan is Designed to Meet the Specific Needs of Construction Companies

Not knowing the exact location of buried utilities is one of the largest problems construction companies face before beginning any new project.  Often buried utilities are not where they are supposed to be, and line strikes can lead to injuries, significant delays, and dramatically increase the project’s cost.  PointMan® provides the ability to capture, record, and display the precise location of mission-critical asset data in real-time.

Digital From Design To Finish

Blaze the trail of efficiency by digitizing your entire workflow from pre-construction to as-builts. Why distribute paper-based design drawings to the field crew that are instantly out of date when everyone can have all the buried infrastructure information updated in real-time?

Real-Time Data

Now you can make confident business decisions with real-time access to more precise data. With PointMan’s Precision Mapping Solutions, mission critical project information is now available anytime, anywhere, including in the field or in the office. PointMan dramatically improves the workflow processes and business practices associated to all phases of the construction project life cycle.

One & Done

PointMan Digital As-Builts:  Capture, record, and display the precise location of utilities and pipelines during installation.

Easy to Adopt and Affordable

With PointMan, any size construction company or engineering firm now has access to a modern, easy to use, and affordable enterprise asset management system. PointMan is a cloud and mobile application that operates on any standard mobile device and desktop computer. PointMan is designed to be intuitive and requires minimal setup and training. PointMan integrates with legacy systems of record, including GIS and CAD, as well as GPS/GNSS and electromagnetic cable and pipe locate tools.

Collect Without Limits

There are no limits on the type and amount of data you can collect with PointMan. Unlike other systems, there is no need to purchase additional credits or software. This means you can quickly and easily collect and share photos, forms, sketches, and notes of your construction project from design to completion with no limitations and no additional fees.

“PointMan delivers to KCI a more efficient workflow process, trusted data quality and precision, and it is also, by far, the easiest I have ever used when compared to any of the other major mobile GIS solutions on the market.”

Joseph Porter
National SUE Training and Quality Control Manager

“ProStar’s solution significantly improves workflow processes and business practices that have been part of our industry for well over 25 years. Simply put, we adopted PointMan because it makes our jobs easier, safer, and creates efficiencies for our clients and partners.”

Frank Schill
Pipeline Inspector

“The Bad Elf Flex® was quickly configured by ProStar and performed flawlessly with the PointMan app. We found that consistent high accuracy was easy to maintain while collecting data. The depth of collection tools and export facilities exceeded our expectations. Given the seamless integration with Bad Elf Flex, PointMan demonstrated it’s a top-tier app for utility management, and expands our ability to provide best in class solutions to our users worldwide.”

Larry Fox
VP Marketing and Business Development
Bad Elf

Download Today – Start Tomorrow

Download PointMan today and go from P.O. to GO in a matter of hours. PointMan setup and training is simple and intuitive. In fact, unlike other systems, we empower you to manage and operate PointMan for your entire enterprise. PointMan setup includes industry standard asset libraries and the ability to set permissions and roles for your entire team. PointMan onboarding comes with a team of training professionals and includes an online training and support system.