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PointMan Customer Support Team

Jeana Althea Altura

Operations Manager

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Jeana Althea Altura – Operations Manager

I lead both our Quality Assurance (QA) and PointMan Support Teams. Before any product updates are released, the QA Team works to ensure that our software is functioning as intended and is meeting the expectations of our users. Once those updates have been released, our PointMan Support Specialists are on standby to assist with any and all support requests.

Fun Fact
My hobbies include cooking, watching anime, collecting stickers, and playing video games. I’ve also played soccer since I was 5, took piano lessons for several years, and have joined Aikido and Muay Thai Kickboxing dojos.

Randall Harper

Solution Specialist

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Randall Harper – Solutions Specialist

I work closely with clients to implement Pointman into their organizations while also offering technical and workflow support. In addition, I am also the Sales liaison to the Development team.

Fun Fact
I love fishing and hanging out with my dogs. If I’m not on a boat, you can catch me watching football (Go Broncos!) or basketball (Go Lakers!) with my dogs.

Marvin Lopez

Sales Specialist

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Marvin Lopez – Sales Specialist

To our growing user community, in many ways, I’m an enabler. My job is to work across multiple teams to enable our PointMan client community with competitively advantageous data-collection solutions, from field to finish. 

Fun Fact

I used to host my own public radio show, back in my hometown of Little Rock, AR, when I was 13. 
Peter Srajer

Chief GIS Scientist

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Peter Srajer – Chief GIS Scientist

I investigate new ideas in geomatics engineering and surveying and how ProStar can implement them as well as supporting clients and marketing in bringing these features and ideas to production.

Fun Fact
I live 45 minutes from Banff and can be found on top of some ski hill during the ski season contemplating gravity, the rest of the time I am awaiting the first snowfall.


Bill McIntyre

VP of Business Development

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Bill McIntyre – VP of Business Development

I work with our clients to make sure they are getting measurable results with PointMan. I work with their teams to increase efficiencies in their workflows and provide better and faster deliverables.

Fun Fact
When it is warm out, I go fishing as much as I can, and when it is cold outside, I think about when it will be warm enough for me to go fishing.

Jackson Radcliffe

PointMan Support Specialist

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Jackson Radcliffe – PointMan Support Specialist

I work with clients to address technical issues with the PointMan app and their GNSS receivers/Locator devices. I also perform Quality Assurance for the latest PointMan releases.

Fun Fact
In my free time, I enjoy off-roading, longboarding, and paddleboarding.

Technical Advisory Board

PointMan by ProStar’s Technology Advisory Board provides integrated executive direction and guidance to identify and ensure that PointMan remains a global leader in the industry and maintains industry data quality standards. The Technical Advisory Board engages with key industry leaders including engineering and surveying firms, state and federal agencies, regulators, academia, and data standards committees in order to understand their requirements and influence the direction of PointMan.
Jim Anspach

P.G. (r), Dist.M.ASCE

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Jim Aspach – Technical Advisor

Mr. Anspach is a global expert in Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE) and has been instrumental in the utility engineering industry with more than 40 years of experience, including in the US, Canada, UK, and Australia. Mr. Anspach was a founding governor and President of The American Society of Civil Engineer’s Utility Engineering & Surveying Institute (UESI). Additionally, he was elected as a Distinguished Member of the American Society of Civil Engineers for his life-long eminence in utility engineering and utility damage prevention development, knowledge, and experience.

Rick Pevarski

Former CEO and Founder of Virginia 811

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Rick Pevarski – Technology Advisor

Mr. Pevarski is the founder and former CEO of Virginia Utility Protection Service (VA811).  VA811. Before serving as CEO for 20 years of VA811, Mr. Pevarski was employed for 17-years at Roanoke Gas Company in Roanoke, Virginia, as Vice-President of Operations & Marketing.  While part of the gas industry, Pevarski served on the Board for the South Eastern Gas Association, was a member of the American Gas Association’s Gas Piping Technology Committee and served for 17 years on the US DOT Gas Piping Advisory Committee. In 2008, he received the Common Ground Alliance (CGA) Jim Barron Award for his contributions and dedication to the enhancement of underground damage prevention and public safety and later served on the Executive Committee of the CGA Board of Directors. 

Peter Srajer

Chief GIS Scientist

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Peter Srajer – Chief GIS Scientist

Peter Srajer has 20 years of geomatics and engineering management experience leading teams in a variety of construction, industrial, and technology projects in a diverse range of domestic and international areas. He has specialized experience in project management and technical leadership in GPS, high precision surveying, deformation monitoring, programming, GIS, Remote Sensing, Ground Penetrating Radar, UAV, 3D Laser Scanning, AR & VR for a multitude of sectors including Oil & Gas, Pipelines Utilities, Engineering and Environmental works. Peter has been an invited speaker to international conferences on integration of large spatial datasets to AI, Machine Learning and the use augmented reality for visualization. Peter received his Master’s in Geomatics Engineering in 2008 and Canada Lands Surveyor Commission in 2011 and a PMP in 2017.


Page Tucker

Chief Executive Officer & President

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Page Tucker – Chief Executive Officer & President

Page Tucker has an extensive background in technology start-ups, including development, marketing, recruiting, capital financing and executive management. Page first became known as a technology visionary in the automotive industry for combining data mining and predictive modeling with geographic information systems. Page was the founder of Impact Solutions, Inc., a Silicon Valley based company he formed to provide state-of-the-art digital mapping and customer acquisition solutions to the automotive industry. Page reorganized Impact Solutions and formed e-autobusiness, the pioneer in the development of a web-based CRM solution that provided services to well over 900 dealerships throughout the United States before being acquired. Page went on to author 13 patents based on geospatial, mobile and cloud technologies including the methods for capturing, recording and displaying the precise location of buried infrastructure and in 2014 founded ProStar®. In 2016 the Colorado Technology Association named him Entrepreneur of the Year for his efforts and innovations in the development of ProStar’s Precision Mapping Solutions®. Today, Page continues to serve as the company’s CEO and President.
[email protected]

Vasa Dasan

Chief Operating Officer

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Vasa Dasan – Chief Operating Officer

Vasa Dasan is a veteran of driving technical strategy and execution in cloud computing. Vasa joined ProStar from CU Boulder where he served as head of software development. Prior to that Vasa was the VP of Engineering at Symplified, a single sign-on startup acquired by RSA a division of EMC-DELL. Prior to Symplified, Vasa was the first engineering hire at Wayin, a mobile and web engagement platform founded by Scott McNealy. As CTO, Vasa built and led the team that developed Wayin’s services for iPhone, iPad and Android devices, social media applications including Facebook and Twitter, and Java backend services operating on Amazon Web Services. Vasa spent more than 15 years of his career at Sun Microsystems. He served a chief technologist for the company’s Cloud Computing Practice, and he spent more than a decade as Distinguished Engineer and CTO for Sun’s $5.1 billion SunService division. He joined Sun as a staff engineer for SunSoft and worked on Solaris Operating System. Before Sun, Vasa held engineering positions at Intergraph and Hewlett Packard. Vasa holds a BS. in Engineering Physics, a MA in Mathematics and Statistics and a MS in Computer Science from Bowling Green State University, and did his PhD work in Computer Science at Colorado State University. Vasa served as adjunct faculty at Computer Science and Engineering Management at University of Colorado at Boulder. Vasa has several patents and publications to his credit including the highly referenced US patent 5,761,662 on personalization of Web, and the Prentice Hall book, Hands-on Intranet. [email protected]

Louis Suchy

Chief Technology Officer

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Louis Suchy – Chief Technololgy Officer

Louis Suchy is a visionary and technology leader who excels in developing and executing strategic initiatives that drive innovation and cutting-edge solutions that propel businesses into the future. Louis has over 20 years of experience in the technology sector in diverse industries, including Education, Information Security, and Life Sciences. Prior to joining ProStar, Louis held key leadership positions at several technology companies, including Kaplan, Prolexic, and Akamai, where he spearheaded successful projects that disrupted markets and drove business expansion. Louis also serves as Allure Security’s product and technology advisor and holds an MBA. Outside of work, Louis enjoys Golf, Travel, and is an aspiring BBQ pitmaster. [email protected]