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The vLoc3 RTK-Pro is supported on PointMan for Android and iOS.

Setting Up RTK

1. Open the battery cover on your tool and plug the supplied USB cable into the tool
2. Plug the other end into your computer
3. Download the free MyLocator3 app from Google
4. Launch the app. You should see this screen

5. NOTE: Install any firmware updates that are available, or the tool will not work correctly.
6. Click this button

7. Add your NTRIP credentials to the NTRIP section
8. Click the to write the settings to the locator

Pairing to the vLoc Tool

1. Turn on the Android or iOS tablet/phone and set it to the side.
2. On the vLoc tool, press and hold the “i” button until the menu appears.
3. Using the + button, scroll down to the “Bluetooth Pairing” option, and press the “M” button to enter the Bluetooth menu
4. Press “M” button again to enter the Bluetooth Search and select your tablet/phone to pair to it.
5. Go back to the tool’s main menu
6. Set the tool to the side, and grab your tablet/phone
7. Open your Bluetooth settings and you should see the vLocPro-RTK in the list.

Pair to the tool

Setting Up the vLoc Tool in PointMan
1. Open PointMan on your tablet/phone
2. Once logged in, tap the menu in the upper left corner, and then tap Settings
3. In the Device section, tap the GPS dropdown and select “Vivax Metrotech + Level”
4. In the Device section, the Locator dropdown and select “Vivax Metrotech”.
5. In the dropdown to the right of the Locator box, select the tool you paired with
6. In the GPS Section (further down), set your antenna height to 2.79 feet
7. Leave “Correction” set to “None”.
8. Tap Close to return to the main map display

Locating with the vLoc Tool in PointMan

1. Tap the New button on the top right corner of the main map display
2. Select what you want to locate and then tap OK
3. At the bottom toolbar, tap the GPS button so it displays ORANGE
4. On the top right corner, it should say “Awaiting Locate”
5. On the vLoc tool you will see a “teardrop” shaped icon on the top right corner. This is:
a. Grey: No satellites
b. Red: Satellites but no RTK fix
c. Green: RTK fix is valid
6. On the vLoc tool, press the “i” button and then the “+” button and PointMan will store the locate with depth
7. Once the locate is finished, tap the feature in PointMan to select it, and then tap Details for point features or Pedigree for line features.
8. You will see the depth, current, frequency, Rcvr Type: vLocPro-RTKxxx, and accuracy