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To Pair: 

Vivax uses Bluetooth Low Energy on iOS, so no initial pairing is needed. Note: The vLocPro2 locator will the need the Low Energy hardware installed to work.

  1. In PointMan, open the “Settings” page
  2. Under “Devices”, tap the dropdown next to the “Locator” label and select “Vivax”

To verify that the locator is properly connected:

  1. In map view, tap the “New” button in the top right of the screen
  2. Select any placemark feature and tap “OK”
  3. In the bottom bar, enable “GPS” by tapping on it
  4. The status menu (the black information box that appears in the top right of the map view) should display “Vivax: on”
  5. Tap “Cancel” and start collecting data!