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  • Usability Enhancements
  • Bad Elf Integration
  • Min-Android Version
  • Vivax Name Change on iOS Devices

Usability Enhancements: 

This update provides enhancements that increases productivity and ease-of-use in PointMan. Users can now visually see what each feature’s geometry is in addition to its default color directly from the “”New Placemark”” dialog before having to collect the data first. The System/Component dropdowns will display icons in the associated color to the left of each item to represent the style for that system and component. Points will have a point icon, lines will have a line icon, and polygons will have a square icon.

 Bad Elf Flex Integration:

PointMan now supports the Bad Elf Flex GNSS Receiver. It is available to pair via Bluetooth on both Android and iOS.

Click here to learn more about the receiver: https://bad-elf.com/pages/flex

Vivax Name Change on iOS: 

When pairing your Vivax-Metrotech vLocPro3 locator with PointMan, the name displayed in your device Bluetooth settings may not match the name displayed in the PointMan settings page.

After selecting “Vivax” in the first device dropdown of the PointMan App Settings page, the second dropdown will populate with the vLocPro3 name in the format: “vLoc3-xxxxx”.