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Two new features added:

Display Point Feature

See all the points collected by simply selecting the line!

This new feature provides:

  • Visually check the number of points collected within a line  
  • Faster workflow as there is no need to be in the Pedigree mode

To Display Line Points, simply tap on the line of your choosing.


Multi-Point Editing

In PointMan, you can now pause line collection to add additional features and information to previously collected data.

 This new feature allows you to:

·       Collect points that are separate from the current line-work 

·       Add attributes, comments, and symbols to the line vertexes without having to end the line first

·       Collect everything in one pass 

To use Multi-Point Editing, while in the line collection mode, tap the “New” button to add the new line data. For your convenience, the data will reside in the pedigree of the associated point rather than the entire line.