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New Feature:

Added ability to set the reference frame when using Trimble corrections.
(Note: This behavior is slightly different between iOS and Android.)

How to set the reference frame when using Trimble Corrections Services:

1. Skip this step if you are an Android PointMan user. Otherwise, if you
are an iOS user:

  • i. Open the Trimble Mobile Manager app (TMM)
  • ii. Open the Menu panel using the Hamburger icon at the top left of
    the screen
  • iii. Tap “GNSS Configuration”
  • iv. Under “GNSS Output”, tap the “Frame” dropdown
  • v. Select which Reference Frame you would like to use

2. In the PointMan app, go to the Settings page

3. Under the GPS section, tap the Edit button next to the Corrections

4. Select the Trimble Correction you would like to use and then tap Edit

5. Please read the warning and then tap OK

6. Tap the “Reference Frame” dropdown

  • i. iOS: Select the “Trimble Settings” option.
  • ii. Android: Select which reference frame to use directly from the

Bug Fixes & Improvements:

  • Bluetooth Low Energy Connectivity
  • Account Creation
  • Data Collector Accounts
  • Moving Feature with Pedigree Warning now on by default