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New Implementation for Android users only: ImpulseRadar GPR 

For information on ImpulseRadar GPR solutions, visit their website at https://impulseradargpr.com/ 

PointMan Help Doc: https://pmhelp.pointman.cloud/GPR  

What is GPR? 

      Ground-penetrating radar is a geophysical locating method that detects and provides images of what’s underground or within a surface.  

      Go to the Settings page and select ImpluseRadar” from the new “Importer” dropdown menu.

PointMan is now integrated with the ImpulseRadar ViewPoint app. This allows users to import their GPR data into PointMan and have it displayed on the PointMan app Map View.  

To use this feature:  

1. Go to the Settings page and select Impluse Radar” from the new “Importer” dropdown menu.

2. Return to Map View and open the ViewPoint app. Place your markers in the desired file and then once completed, without closing the ViewPoint app, return to the PointMan app.  

  • Note: If you are not on the PointMan Map View, close out of any menus/dialogues to return to Map View. The dialogue shown in Step 3 will not appear unless you are on Map View.

2. The following Import dialogue will be displayed. Select the layer to save to and an EPSG (Note: You may leave the EPSG set to none if you would like to use the “WGS84” datum).

4. Tap Import and you should get a success notification towards the bottom of the screen. Now pan the map for your imported points. You may edit and delete any points imported as necessary.  

  • Note: Returning to the ViewPoint app and then back into PointMan will launch the Import dialogue again as long as the Importer dropdown is set in the Settings page of the PointMan app.