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Product Enrichment:

PointMan Pro users who upgraded from Plus may continue creating local projects, importing KML/KMZ files to these local projects, as well as exporting the local projects via Shapefiles.

Software optimization:

The PointMan platform for developing software applications has been updated to utilize a new multi-platform framework – .NET Multi-platform App UI (.NET MAUI). This new framework allows for more cohesive management of our Mobile and Cloud software, providing additional coordination between the two platforms to increase software performance and enhance the seamless integration between the Cloud app and the Mobile app.

Product Feature Enhancements:

CSV files have been corrected to include missing information upon export

Supported Hardware Enhancements:

For data collected with Trimble GPS units, PointMan now captures the following additional Error Ellipse Fields for a more comprehensive pedigree/positional data. 

  • Semi Major
  • Semi Minor
  • Ellip Ang

Additional Software Support:

PointMan on Android has been updated to provide service to a total of 86 other countries.