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Definition: A geoid is the irregular shaped “ball” that scientists use to calculate depths of any deep object, such as underground utilities, more accurately beneath the earth’s surface. The generalized relationship between the ellipsoid, the geoid, and the actual shape of the earth can be described with the following equation: geoid + ellipsoid = earth (see image below).  

List of U.S. Geoid Models: You can use this website to determine which Geoid Model to use in the United States: https://geodesy.noaa.gov/GEOID/  


Geoids in PointMan: PointMan has several Geoids imbedded within its software. To use the Geoids in PointMan, you need to be connected to a GPS or Locator unit for the Geoid setting to be properly applied as it needs the raw data from the GPS or Locator to give a proper elevation value.  

Please watch the video on how to connect and utilize Geoids within PointMan.  

Note: Geoids set outside of the PointMan app (ex: in external apps/software, in the external GPS/Locator) will not be visible to PointMan and thus, will not be applied to the Pedigree/Metadata displayed in the PointMan app.