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At ProStar, our mission is to help construction companies, utility owners, government agencies, engineering and survey firms, municipalities, and universities be more efficient and safer by enhancing their utility data collection accuracy and workflows. Over the past few years, we have added significant features and functionality to our award-winning software application, PointMan Plus.

To reflect the significant increase in value we have added to all our PointMan Plus users, we are announcing a price increase starting July 18, 2022.

Q: If I already have a paid PointMan Plus subscription, what does this mean for me?

A: If you already have a PointMan Plus subscription and you wish to extend your license before the renewal date, you can do so at the $295 annual subscription before July 18 by contacting our sales department at  or by calling 970-761-1294.

Q: I am interested in a new purchase of PointMan Plus, what are my options?

A: Prior to July 18, you can still purchase a PointMan Plus 1-year subscription for $295. You can download PointMan from either Google Play or Apple App Store and within PointMan upgrade to PointMan plus for $295.

Q: I am interested in purchasing multiple PointMan Plus applications prior to July 18, 2022, how can I lock in the $295 price?

A: If you are interested in multiple licenses of PointMan Plus, please contact us at either  or by calling 970-761-1294.

Q: What happens when my PointMan Plus annual subscription renews after July 18, 2022?

A: All PointMan Plus subscriptions that renew on or after July 18 will be at the new $495 annual rate. If your current subscription expires after July 18, 2022, and you wish to extend the license prior to July 18, please contact us at either  or by calling 970-761-1294.

Q: I am not sure what level of PointMan I need, where can I find more information?

A: Please see our PointMan feature comparison chart. https://pointman.com/web_version_pointman_features_rev060922/